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Create Team, Add People, Assign Managers

This is the very first step where you need to add all the people and create teams according to their common work. Add managers, admins, super-admins, members etc for your work to flow easily.

Create Task & Template

Manage your team’s to-dos in one place. Create templates for various tasks and assign them to your team members and yourself. Sort your tasks by adding tags. By just easily dragging and dropping, you can move your tasks across boards.

Establish Your Workflows

Define your workflows, fix deadlines, design conditions and shape your process according to your needs and as you picture it in your mind. Create complicated workflows with similar branches and skip unnecessary steps using triggers.

Track Progress

Monitor the progress of any task or item to check the reason behind the delay of any processes and thus get an idea of completion time.

Progressive Reports

Get advanced reports, analyze all sort of dynamic data, view KPIs and do much more with iBISM’s awesome reporting features.

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